Ciara Lappin MEng CEng MICE MCIWEM C.WEM ACIArb     

Name: Ciara Lappin MEng CEng MICE MCIWEM C.WEM ACIArb
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Doran Consulting, Norwood House, 96 -102 Great Victoria Street, Belfast
Post Code: BT2 7BE
Current Position: Technical Director
NEC Experience: I have experience of the NEC 3 Conditions of Contract. I have successfully managed various civil engineering projects using NEC3 Short Contract, Option A, B and C. I also have experience of the NEC3 Professional Services Contract including the Short Contract.

NEC3 Experience on the following projects:
-    Project Director on Ebrington New Entrance & Boundary Treatment – NEC3 Option A
-    Project Director on SEMD WTW upgrade for NIW – NEC3 Option A
-    Project Manager on Duncrue Street Central Workshop, Translink – NEC3 Option B
-    Project Manager for NW Belfast Public Realm Scheme – NEC3 Short Contract
-    Project Manager for various public realm schemes – NEC3 Short Contract
-    Project Manager for Elevated Walkway & Coastal Path at Seahill – NEC3 Short Contract
-    Project Manager for Mourne Mountain Bike & Walking Trails – NEC3 Option A
-    Project Manager for various mountain bike & walking trails – NEC3 Short Contract
-    Project Manager for Portrush East Strand – NEC3 Option A

-    NEC Contract Management Course & Exam (Module 2) – 2014
-    ICE Law Exam & Course (Module 1) – 2014
-    NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract Course – 2015
-    NEC3 Masterclass Course - 2011
NEC Projects: Duncrue Street Central Workshop    NEC3 Option B    Project Director/ Project Manager    £21M    2016    2018
SEMD WTW Security Upgrades    NEC3 Option A    Associate/ Project Manager    £0.5M    2015    2016
NDCP – Seahill    NEC3 Option A     Associate/ Project Manager    £0.6M    2014    2015
Kilrea EIS    NEC Short Contract    Associate/ Project Manager    £0.55M    2013    2014
Mourne Mountain Bike Trails    NEC3 Option A    Project Manager    £1.5M     2011    2013
Frasers Pass Public Realm    NEC3 Short Contract    Project Manager    £0.4M    2016    2016
Castlewellan Forest Park Trails    NEC3 Short Contract    Project Manager    £0.4M    2014    2014
Portrush East Strand    NEC3 Option A    Project Manager    £0.5M    2015    2016
Walking & Family Trails at Tober Mhuire    NEC3 Short Contract    Project Manager    £0.3M    2013    2013
Barnetts Demense/ Mary Peters Track    NEC3 Short Contract    Project Manager    £320K    2012    2013
Creggan Burn Park Greenway    NEC3 Option B    Project Manager    £0.55M    2013    2014

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Civil Engineer  |  Project Manager  |  Consultant  |  Technical Director  |  Cost Advisor

Industry Type:
Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Highways and Transport  |  Civil Engineering  |  Facilities Management  |  Water