Kong Sik Wing Master of Science in Engineering Business Management, MCIOB     

Name: Kong Sik Wing Master of Science in Engineering Business Management, MCIOB
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Flat A Block 2 Ocean Shores, O King Road 8, KTO, Kowloon
Current Position: General Manager
NEC Experience: I am the General Manager of the project Kennedy Town Swimming Pool Phase 2 from 2014 to 2017. The project is in the form of NEC3 ECC Option A. I am the project in-charge of the project who lead the contractor management team member to adopt an “Integrated Team” approach amongst client, project manager, contractor and its sub-contractors, architect, consultant and Government to ensure thorough understanding of the common objectives for time, cost, quality, safety, environment and community expectations for project delivery. The Contractor was fully committed with employer and designers to NEC form of Contract.

The Project’s achievements include received early completion bonus as well as keeping the Compensation Events (CEs) value within 3.2% of the awarded contract sum and closed the final account on the same month of project completion. Early settlement of the CEs has enabled adequate cashflow for the Contractor to honour its sub-contractors’ payments in a timely manner. The project was the winner of NEC large project of the year 2016 and Paul Y received the highly merited award in NEC contractor of the year 2017.

My company is Paul Y Construction Limited. We joined the NEC Asia Pacific User Group (APUG) membership.

I have attended the following NEC training courses in the past three years:

- NEC Asia Pacific Users’ Group Breakfast Meeting held on 6 February 2015,
- Lighthouse Club Annual Conference held on 30 October 2015,
- NEC Annual Conference 2015 held on 10 November 2015,
- “NEC-in-Action” event in April 2016,
- International Lighthouse Club Summit Meeting held on 28 May 2016,
- NEC APUG Breakfast Meeting held on 6 July 2016,
- NEC APUG Seminar 2016 held on 21 November 2016,
NEC Projects: Kennedy Town Swimming Pool Phase 2    NEC3 ECC Option A    General Manager    HKD671 Million    Sept 2014    Oct 2016

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Project Manager

Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Civil Engineering