Glenn C Murray     

Name: Glenn C Murray
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: .
Current Position: Director
NEC Experience: I have been using the NEC suite of contracts for 5 years and have experience of procuring projects using the NEC3/ECC with a particular emphasis in the Public Sector, Buildings, Visitor Attractions, Parks & Roads, using ECC Option A in particular where I have acted as the named Project Manager.

Key roles and responsibilities in this respect have involved, but are not limited to:
Advising Clients on NEC/ECC Options.

Embedding NEC/ECC requirements in initial procurement options and tender process.

Preparing and collating Works Information.

Preparing and collating Site Information.

Completing the Contract Data.

Administering and managing the Contract (i.e. Payment, EWN’s & Risk Management, Accepted Programme, managing change through Compensation Events, Certifying Completion and dealing with Dispute Resolution).

My NEC3 experience also extends to the Professional Services Contract.

I hold the NEC3: ECC Accredited Project Manager qualification and have also undertaken other internal and external
NEC3 courses and CPD events at both beginner, intermediate and advance practitioner level, in order to continually develop and widen my overall knowledge, understanding and opinion.
NEC Projects: Helix Canal Extension NEC Option A £15M
Helix Hub & Public Realm NEC Option A £10M
Helix Kelpies NEC Option A £5M
Helix Visitor Building NEC Option A £2M
Bakers Brae Road Realignment NEC Option A £2M
Riverside Inverclyde PM Framework NEC Professional Services Various

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Project Manager  |  Consultant  |  Employers Agent  |  Cost Advisor

Industry Type:
Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Civil Engineering