Michael Timothy Woods     

Name: Michael Timothy Woods
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Osborne House, 1 Osborne Terrace, Edinburgh,
Post Code: EH12 5HG
Current Position: Project Manager
NEC Experience: Since moving to Turner & Townsend (March 2015) my NEC experience has been to act as advisor/contract oversight to the Scottish Borders Council (SBC) Project Management Team Leader, on the Selkirk High School, 2G Hokey Pitch project. This role allowed SBC staff to gain valuable experience of acting as the Project Manager and Supervisor with an element of guidance and supervision so as to deliver the project on time and to budget without recourse to dispute resolution process.
While with my former employer, WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff, I acted as the Project Manager on a number of projects and as contract drafter on a number of others. On the Stane Gardens project detailed over, I persuaded the client to employ my services as the Project Manager rather than as the Employers Agent. Through discussion I convinced the client that their representative should take the role of Agent, due to their knowledge of the Councils process and I would discharge the responsibilities of Project Manager as set out in the NEC thereby giving them security of knowledge of the role and responsibilities covered by the scope of the commission. I successfully brought the Phase 2 works to completion and prior to my leaving WSP took the Phase 4 works through the tender stage and into the construction stage.
Due to my experience and knowledge with the NEC forms of contract, the WSP Project Director for the New South Glasgow Hospitals project asked that I be seconded to his team to act as contract administrator. My role was to ensure that the WSP design team (who generally had little knowledge of the NEC) acted in accordance with the Contract and discharged our responsibilities in a timely manner. Our client, Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe, successfully completed the works for the NHSGG&C; WSP was paid its commission fee and successfully recovered an additional fees for various compensation events.
In January of 2004, WSP won the commission for the Fife Quality Bus Interchanges project. Having attended an NEC2 introductory course, I persuaded our client – Fife Council – to utilise the NEC2 ECC for the project rather than their standard form. Although the project experienced delays to the programme, due to Dew Pitchmastic falling into administrative receivership, we recovered the project, re-tendered the works and successfully brought it in on budget.

NEC Projects: Selkirk High School, 2G Hokey Pitch. Scottish Borders Council    ECSC Option A    Client advisor    £0.75m    May 2015    Sep 2015

Land Remediation Works, Loanhead. Midlothian Council    ECSC Option B    Project Manager    £0.2m    May 2014    Aug 2014

Stane Gardens, Shotts, River Restoration. North Lanarkshire Council    PSC Option A / ECC Option B    Project Manager    £3.6m    Aug 2014    Mar 2015

Stane Gardens, Shotts, Land Remediation. North Lanarkshire Council;    PSC Option A / ECC Option B    Project Manager        Apr 2013    Jul 2014

Milburn Road, Inverness, Active Travel Route. The Highland Council    ECSC Option A    Draft Contract Documentation     £0.39m    Mar 2013    Nov 2013

Scottish Water Access Works, Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board    ECSC Option A    Draft Contract Documentation        Oct 2010    Dec 2010

New South Glasgow Hospital. Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd;    PSC Option A    Contract administrator for WSP    £604m    Mar 2010    Dec 2014

NEC3 Fife Quality Bus Stations. Fife Council,    NEC2 ECC Option B    Project Manager    £4.20m    Jan 2004    May 2006

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