Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: 170 Holyhead Road, Wellington, TELFORD, Shropshire
Post Code: TF1 2DW
Current Position: Engineer
NEC Experience: To date, I have gained a total of 7½ years’ experience as a Site Supervisor under NEC2 Conditions of Contract (Option B – Priced Contract with Bill of Quantities.) This has been for schemes carried out under a term maintenance contract that my company has in place with a local authority and also for bespoke stand-alone contracts, awarded by competitive tender.

As a Supervisor, I have undertaken the role and tasks as defined by the NEC2 Option B Contract – ensuring that the Works are provided in accordance with the works information, carrying out tests and inspections and notifying defects for correction. For most schemes, I have been granted Delegated Powers to issue Site Instructions. In the last five years, the majority of schemes that I have works on have predominantly been major highways maintenances projects (incorporating elements of drainage, pavements, earthworks, footways and kerbed areas, traffic signs and road markings and landscaping and ecology.)

For more recent project, my role has expanded to include project management duties (including assessment of valuations and compensation events and issuing payment/completion certificates.)

Training Courses Attended:-

1.    Introduction to NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract: One day course – 14.07.14;

2.    Introduction to NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract: Online pre-requisite course for attending accreditation course (see item 4 below – 28.01.16;

3.    Role of the ECC Supervisor: Online pre-requisite course for attending 4. (below) – 01.02.16;

4.    NEC3: ECC Supervisor Accreditation Course: Two day course – 23.02.16 to 24.02.16.
NEC Projects: Oswestry Railway Land – New Access    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers    £950,000    01.10.08    01.03.08
Whitburn Street, Bridgnorth –
Enhancement Scheme    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers    £750,000    01.10.10    10.01.11
Shropshire Resurfacing Schemes 2013 to 2014    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers    £450,000    01.03.13    01.05.13
Shropshire Resurfacing Schemes 2014 to 2015    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers    £350,000    01.10.14    01.11.14
Shropshire Resurfacing Schemes 2015 to 2016 (Three separate sites under one contract)    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers, including Project Manager Duties    £1,500,000    01.10.15    01.04.16
Shropshire Resurfacing Schemes 2016 to 2017    NEC2 Option B    Supervisor with Delegated Powers, including Project Manager Duties    £1,500,000    01.04.16    ongoing

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Civil Engineer

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Civil Engineering  |  Asset Management