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Name: Janice TAM
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Current Position: Associate Director
NEC Experience: I am currently working in a project management role for urban development and engineering infrastructure projects. I am responsible for coordination among different disciplines and representing the project management team to liaise with the clients. I have obtained NEC3 ECC Project Manager Accreditation in 2015 and my NEC experiences in the project “Development of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas”. My key roles and responsibilities relevant to NEC have included the followings.

Site Investigation (SI) works contract procurement with NEC
I have involved in the SI works proposal, selection of NEC options, preparation of NEC tender document and contract procurement. During the construction stage, I will be responsible for the role in NEC contract administration. The SI contract is a re-measurement contract with Bills of Quantities (BoQ) and provision for Contact Price Fluctuation using NEC3 ECC Main Option B has been proposed. The method of measurement will be based on the “Standard Method of Measurement of Civil Engineering Works” supplemented by Particular Preambles to the BoQ.

The reasons for choosing a re-measurement sum contract instead of lump sum contract is that the quantities of the site investigation works would vary with ground conditions. Therefore, re-measurement using BoQ as basis has been recommended to be the method of payment. If Option D (Target Cost with BoQ) is selected for this SI contract, more administrative effort from the Project Manager and the Contractor will be required, such as those for selecting subcontractors and checking/preparing payment. Therefore, It is considered not an effective management for a simple and straightway contract like this SI contract, and therefore, Option B is considered more appropriate in this case.

Establishment of Contract Strategy for the Project Implementation with consideration of NEC implementation
I have involved in the establishment of contract strategy for the project implementation taking into consideration for adopting NEC. When establishing the contract strategy, I have considered several key aspects including construction risks, construction sequencing, works site locations, size of contracts, nature of works and access to works sites etc. In particular for the recommendation of NEC options, NEC ECC Main Option C has been proposed for mega scale contracts comprise various trades of works which encourage the Contractor to bring in ideas to improve project planning and technical competency through appropriately searching and selecting competent subcontractors. Moreover, the construction risk of the contract is considered high due to the programme is highly sensitive to the site access. On the other hand, NEC ECC Main Option B has been proposed for contracts with medium / large scale and the scope of works is clearly defined, but there is existence of construction risk. It is considered worth and cost-effective to adopt NEC form for tho
NEC Projects: Agreement No. CE 13/2014 (CE)
Development of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas,
Phase 1 – Site Investigation    NEC ECC Main Option B    NEC Tender Document Preparation / Contract Administration    Tender in April 2016;
Construction starts in June 2016.    
Agreement No. CE 13/2014 (CE)
Development of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas,
Phase 1 – Design and Construction    Contracts in NEC ECC Main Option B and Option C    NEC Contract Strategy Development / NEC Tender Document Preparation / Contract Administration    Strategy developed in 2016; Tender in 2018;
Construction starts in 2018.    

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NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Civil Engineer

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