Christopher John Sellars     

Name: Christopher John Sellars
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Project Manager
NEC Experience: I first began using NEC Contracts in December 2015 when I joined Turner & Townsend. Since then I have been involved in a number of projects all of which are using a form of NEC contract

In terms of training I have attended a number of internally run courses which introduced NEC3 and assisted in my understanding of the Contract. Since then, as an office, we have arranged for regular learning sessions where we discuss NEC related issues and hopefully resolve issues collectively. We also ran a successful ‘Contract Gaming’ workshop where scenarios were presented and solutions needed to be put forward.

The Avenue is a £100m remediation project using NEC2. The project has been on site since 2009 and my role is to assist the named NEC Project Manager in the Contract Administration of the contract.

On Grey to Green Ph1 I was appointed as NEC Project Manager to deliver a £3m urban SUDS system. This was under the NEC3 Option A form of contract. The project has been on site for just over 12 months and is very close to achieving Completion.

I have also experience of using NEC3 Option C, which is the form of contract being used on the LDV Flood Defence Project. Again I am the named NEC Project Manager and the project is on site at the moment.
NEC Projects: Grey to Green Ph1    NEC3    NEC Project Manager     £3m    April 2015    June 2016
Lower Don Valley Flood Defence    NEC3    NEC Project Manager    £18m    Nov 2015    June 2017
The Avenue     NEC2    NEC Project Manager (Assistant)    £100m    2009    Oct 2016

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NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Project Manager  |  Consultant

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