CHIU Kwok Ming     

Name: CHIU Kwok Ming
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Assistant General Manager, Concentric Construction Limited
NEC Experience:
During the last 5 years, I was being worked in a civil engineering contractors in Hong Kong. I stationed in headquarter to oversee the project finance and contractual issues on three (3) ongoing projects in which NEC were being adopted (Main Option B, C & D respectively). I also led the bidding team in tendering process and had been involved in more than 30 tenders for which NEC were adopted.

In order to learn more about NEC, I have started my users’ group membership since 2015 and had attended numbers of training courses and workshops held by various organizations in recent years, including the NEC Users’ Workshop held in June 2017 in HK and have completed the NEC: ECC Project Manager Accreditation Course in November 2017.
NEC Projects: Contractor’s Headquarter
Assistant General Manager
Mar 2012 to Present

WSD Contract No. 13/WSD/16
Mainlaying in Tseung Kwan O
NEC Main Option C    
JV Board Member    
HK$ 540 million    
Nov 2017 to Present

HKHA Contract no. 20100061
Advanced Civil Engineering Works for Public Housing Development Works    
HKHA Contract    
Senior Project Manager    
HK$ 22 million    
Aug 2011 to Jul 2013

DSD Contract No. DC/2008/08
Upgrading of Central and East Kowloon Sewerage – Phase 1
GCC Contract    
Senior Project Manager
HK$ 200 million    
Jan 2009 to Feb 2012

URA Contract No. CW-2009/001
Conversation Works for Fuk Tong Road Temporary Carpark    HKIA Building Contract    
Senior Project Manager    
HK$ 7 million    
Jan 2009 to Aug 2009

DSD Contract No. DC/2005/07
North and South Kowloon Sewerage stage 2    
GCC Contract    
Senior Project Manager    
HK$ 52 million    
Dec 2005 to Jan 2009

Contract No. HY/2004/08
Footbridge across Po Kong Village Road at Tsz Wan Shan    
GCC Contract    
Project Manager    
HK$ 15 million    
Nov 2004 to Nov 2005

AA Contract P352
Advance Works for Sky Plaza at Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport
(External Civil Works Subcontract Package)    
HKAA Contract    
Project Manager    
HK$ 40 million    
Feb 2004 to Oct 2004

TDD Contract No. TP/35/02
Remaining Engineering Infrastructure Works for Pak Shek Kok Development, Package 1 - Pak Shek Kok Underpass & Subway SB1
GCC Contract    
Project Manager    
HK$ 12 million    
Feb 2003 to Jan 2004

World Wild Fund Marine Life Centre at Hoi Ha Wan, Sai Kung    HKIA
Building Contract    
Project Manager    
HK$ 48 million    
Sep 2001 to Jan 2003

CED Contract No. CV/98/01
Pak Shek Kok Reclamation for Public Filling, Stage 3    
GCC Contract    
Site Agent    
HK$ 200 million    
Dec 1998 to Apr 2001

ASD Contract No. SSE 392
Hong Ning Road Park – Phase 1
GCC Contract    
Site Agent    
HK$ 72 million    
Apr 1997 to Dec 1998

ASD Contract No. SSC 410
Shing Mun Road Sport Ground
GCC Contract    
HK$ 110 million    
Dec 1996 to Apr 1997

HYD Contract No. HY/92/13
Belcher Bay Link    
GCC Contract    
HK$ 300 million    
Feb 1994 to Dec 1996

TDD Contract No. NL1/91
Tung Chung Development Phase 1 - Site Formation    
GCC Contract    
HK$ 710 million    
Apr 1992 to Feb 1994

CED Contract No. CV/89/36
Dredging Work at Yau Ma Tei Anchorage and Kellett Bank
GCC Contract    
HK$ 200 million    
Sep 1990 to Apr 1992

TDD Contract
Ting Kok Road Upgrading Contract 1
GCC Contract
Apr 1990 to Sep 1990

Hong Kong Park, Phase 2    HKIA
Building Contract
Section Engineer    
HK$ 300 million    
July 1989 to Apr 1990

Housing Authority P.S.P.S. contract at Junk Bay Lot 11
HKHA Contract    
Resident Engineer    
HK$ 500 million    
Apr 1989 to Jul 1989

HYD Contract
Connaught Road Upgrading Contract 1
GCC Contract    
Site Engineer    
HK$ 225 million    
Dec 1986 to Apr 1989

TDD Contract No. 8/TW/82
Slope Remedial Works at Lai Yiu Estate and other areas    

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NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Civil Engineer  |  Project Manager  |  Contracts Manager  |  Cost Advisor

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Civil Engineering