Richard Rowles     

Name: Richard Rowles
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Canal & River Trust Commercial Road Gloucester
Post Code: GL1 2EB
Current Position: Framework Contract Manager
NEC Experience: I have experienced of a number of bespoke contract conditions over my career. However more recently I have become more experienced as a NEC3 Term Service Contract practitioner (TSC), representing the Client as a Service Manager. Throughout my career
I have undertaken extensive training over the last 5 years specifically tailored to the use of the NEC3 TSC, this has been through formal certified on line and practical workshops using specific examples.
•    Workshop based Course EC3 ECC Programming Workshop (Thomas Telford L06317)
•    NEC3 Specific ECC Built Intelligence
•    Workshop based course NEC3 TSC. (Thomas Telford LO6308)
I actively lead risk reduction meetings, following the early warning process to ensure continuity of the National Vegetation and Environmental Services Contract (NVESC). Issues that are raised within these risk reduction meetings include access via third party land and environmental mitigation measures relating to protected species.
I take the responsibility for the assessment of the monthly application for payment for the completed works which typically is in the region of £500K. Following the satisfactory assessment of the Application I am responsible for the issuing of the certificate of payment on behalf of the Trust.
I have undertaken the role of Service Manager since April 2012. Prior to this role between 2006 and 2012 I undertook the role of Delegated Service Manager for the Trusts Vegetation Management Contract under the NEC3 TSC. The use of the TSC has supported effective communication, reducing the likelihood of complex dispute resolution and as a result an open and frank approach has been adopted within the contract framework, this has been beneficial to all parties. Issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently at the appropriate level without the necessity for constant bureaucratic escalation. As part of the contract I have been instrumental in the development and the implementation of the financially incentivised KPIs to ensure contractual performance. In this role I am directly responsible for the issuing of Service Manager instructions. These typically relate to changes in the Service Information and the instruction of works and the assessment of resulting compensation events. The engagement of Framework Contractual Partners has minimised the requirement of on-going dispute resolution procedures relating to interpretations of the contract.
Within my role I am responsible to fulfil a mentoring role for the regional contract managers. This typically involves offering professional impartial advice with regard to the interpretation of the Contract. I will advise on the application of non-tendered rates and specifications for services that currently fall outside the scope of the contract.
NEC Projects: Canal and River Trust National vegetation and environmental Services Contract    NEC3 TSC    Framework Contract Manager    £10M Service contract per annum    October 2013    October 2018
Canal & River Trust National Waste Management Contract    NEC3 TSC    Framework Contract Manager    £1.2M Service contract per annum    October 2013    October 2018

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NEC3 TSC Service Manager

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