Gary Armstrong     

Name: Gary Armstrong
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Faithful + Gould Albany Court Monarch Road Newcastle upon Tyne
Post Code: NE4 7YB
Current Position: Managing Quantity Surveyor, Faithful + Gould
NEC Experience: Key roles and responsibilities
The majority of my experience over the last 5 years has utilised the NEC family of contracts. I have used the ECSC, PSC and TSC forms of contract, but predominantly I work on the ECC forms of contract with typical duties as follows:
-Street Lighting – ECC Option C – I was drafted in to undertake a commercial role under a more engineered based client ECC PM. This includes delegated duties for Payments and Compensation Events, but also includes further guidance and advice on all aspects of the contract, e.g. Defects and Risks.
-Lumley WTW – ECC Option A – I was named ECC PM on the contract, which included tender documents, a review of the Works Information and drafting of the Contract Data. This scheme was to install an offline package plant capable of introducing sodium hydroxide in to the works to correct the pH of a failing water output.
-Minor Works batched scheme – ECC Option C – I was named ECC PM on the contract that included 12 smaller schemes rolled up in to one scheme.

Training courses attended
-ECC PM Accreditation course – 4 day course including preparation and after work (Jan 18)
-NEC4 DBO seminar (Sep 17)
-NEC4 seminar (Jun 17)
-Ground conditions and standard forms seminar (Apr 17)
-NEC programme management (Feb 17)
-CECA seminar reviewing ECC Option C (Jan 17)
-Schedule of Cost Components Seminar (Oct 16)
NEC Projects: Street Lighting
ECC Option C    
Commercial Support to ECC
Project Manager    
01/12/2015 to Ongoing

Lumley WTW    
ECC Option A    
ECC Project Manager    
09/01/2015 to 14/01/2016

Minor Works batched contract (12 schemes circa £100k each)    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
01/04/2015 to 31/03/2017

Mosswood UV    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
01/10/2017 to Ongoing

Aycliffe STW    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
01/03/2018 to Ongoing

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Quantity Surveyor

Industry Type:
Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Civil Engineering  |  Water