Richard Davies, MSc IEng ACIBSE CBIFM     

Name: Richard Davies, MSc IEng ACIBSE CBIFM
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Director, Evolve Business Excellence
NEC Experience:
I have acted in senior procurement, consultancy, advisory and audit roles as an external consultant working with the NEC3 TSC for several public sector organisations over a number of years. A list of the client and end-user organisations that I have worked with are included below for information. The contracts set-up on behalf of these organisations have generally been multi million pound contracts with a contract duration of between 3-6 years with an extended period linked to performance of the contract by the contractor.

As an external consultant I am able to provide a flexible suite of services around the NEC3 TSC, which includes any one of the following:

•    Establish the project scope; develop the strategy and project objectives
•    Develop the FM Services Critical Success Factors and operational parameters, model and structure for delivering the services
•    Develop the contract documentation (including NEC3 TSC, Contract Data, Contract Options and Z Clauses)
•    Develop the specification(s) and Performance Management Model (including KPIs) to achieve demonstrable best value
•    Complete agile pricing schedules, a more frequent requirement these days with an ever changing property base
•    Project manage and deliver the entire procurement phase
•    Lead the tender evaluation process
•    Appoint contractor
•    Mobilise the contract as required

Following the establishment of a contract, it is usually managed by the Employer/end user but I am often asked to provide the following on-going roles:

•    Part-time Service Manager – Working with the Employer’s operational management staff, providing input and value on a monthly or quarterly basis, usually around end-of month reporting requirements
•    NEC3 TSC Project Auditing on a periodic basis to ensure a) Contract and statutory compliance; and b) best value is being achieved

NERC3 TSC training courses:
NEC3: Introduction to TSC – Mar 2018
NEC3: Managing the TSC Contractor’s Plan and Programme – Mar 2018.
NEC3: TSC Service Manager Accreditation – May 2018
NEC3 TSC – NEC4 Service Manager Accreditation Extension – Sep 2018

NEC Projects: Welsh Government – National Hard Facilities Management Contract    
NEC3 TSC    
Procurement Lead    
£30 million    
Mar-2017 - Mar-2023

National Assembly for Wales Facilities Management Contract    
NEC3 TSC    
Procurement and Technical Specialist    £10 million    
Oct-2017 - Dec-2022

Wales Millennium Centre    
NEC3 TSC    
Procurement & Project Lead    
£6 million    
Jan-2018 - May-2024

Tower Hamlets Hard FM Contract    
NEC3 TSC    
Technical & Procurement Specialist    £6 million    
Jan-2017 - May-2023

Dyfed Powys Police    
NEC3 TSC    
Project & Procurement Lead    
£5 million    
Dec-2017 - May-2024

Future Academies (London)    
NEC3 TSC    
Procurement & Project Lead    
£3 million    
Apr-2018 - Aug-2021

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 TSC Service Manager

Project Manager  |  Contracts Manager  |  Procurement Specialist  |  Consultant  |  Facilities Manager  |  Technical Director  |  Employers Agent  |  Litigation Support  |  Cost Advisor

Industry Type:
Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Facilities Management  |  Asset Management  |  Mining, Oil & Gas  |  Water