Mark Ronald Gerrard     

Name: Mark Ronald Gerrard
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Asset Delivery Manager for London Underground
NEC Experience: I have recently obtained the NEC 3 supervisor accreditation following the request from a project I am working on to act as the supervisor on the project throughout the defects period. I am currently the maintenance representative for the project and have been carrying out this role for the last 3 years. My official job title is Project Liaison Interface Manager. I have had sole responsibility for sign of all completed works on behalf of the end users in this time. Prior to this role I was the E&M engineer for maintenance for the project carrying out a similar role as above but only for the E&M aspects of the project. The project is due to meet completion and start the defects period 16th July, at which point I am expected to take shared responisibility for the role of supervisor with the principle project engineer.
I am also involved in 3 other major projects that are currently at concept or detailed design stage and I will more than likely take on the role of supervisor once the projects get to implementation.
NEC Projects: Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade Project     
Option C    
Project Liaison Interface Manager    £600m    
June 2009 – July 2018

Waterloo Southbank Entrance project    
Project Liaison Interface Manager    £150m    
Jan 2017 - Aug 2018

Camden Town Station Capacity Upgrade Project    
Still at concept design stage    Project Liaison Interface Manager    £256m    
June 2017 – May 2024

Step Free Access program    Various depending on size and location    Project Liaison Interface Manager    £50m    
Mid 2016 – End 2019

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Supervisor

Project Manager  |  Consultant  |  Asset Manager

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Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Highways and Transport  |  Civil Engineering  |  Facilities Management  |  Asset Management