Po Hin HO, BEng, MSc, MICE, MHKIE     

Name: Po Hin HO, BEng, MSc, MICE, MHKIE
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Site Agent, China Geo-Engineering Corporation
NEC Experience: I am currently running an ECC Option C Contract for Drainage Services Department of Hong Kong to enhance the function and operation of existing Kwun Tong Sewage Pumping Station with a landscaped desk on top of the Station as a Site Agent. The Contract has started since 31st December 2017.

My key role and responsibility under this Contract is to guarantee the works to be completed on time with high quality and to the satisfaction of the Employer, Project Manager and Supervisor. I have spent time on establishing of the subletting and procurement procedures for the contract. I worked with the Quantity Surveyors to draft the cost estimate and list of proposed tenderers for works to be subcontracted and plant and materials to be purchased. We worked together also on making the Financial Programme as well.

I am also responsible to notify early warning for site constraint and to give possible solution in the risk reduction meeting.

I am happy to work under this Contract.
NEC Projects: Enhancement Works for Kwun Tong Sewage Pumping Station    
ECC Option C    
Site Agent    
31/12/2017 - 22/7/2022

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NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Civil Engineer

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Civil Engineering