Colin Whitton, BSc (Hons)     

Name: Colin Whitton, BSc (Hons)
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Commercial Director, Arcadis
NEC Experience: ECC Project Manager on a number of projects mainly focused on the Environment Agency, highlights are:

Exmouth Flood Defence Scheme, ECC Option C Design & Build – ECC PM and project lead. Led the client and project through tender stage, reviewing and signing off tender documents, the NEC contract, Works Information and associated documents. Provided ECC PM and commercial support (applications for payment, Compensation Events) for the design stage and preparing for site start in early 2019.

Exeter Flood Defence Scheme, ECC Option C – Project lead, provided commercial support through tender, leading tender assessment and review of all tender and contract documents. Assisting post contract in complicated Compensation Events, contractor cost forecasts and whole project costs.

Co-located Cost and Carbon Manager – pre-contract co-located role in the client’s offices. Working on their South West and national delivery programme, providing early contract and commercial advice on NEC PSC and ECC (ECC Options A, C and E) contracts, reviewing contract strategies, assessing change and providing advice on programmes and assessments.

Previous projects also include:

ECC PM and team lead for North Somerset Council on a public realm project NEC Option B in Weston-Super-Mare which also included significant highways works.

ECC PM and commercial lead for a number of projects at Magnox, works included pre and post contract works, tendering and contract strategy.

Attended and passed the NEC ECC3 Project Managers course and became accredited in November 2017. Due to sit NEC3 to NEC4 course on 17th September.

NEC User Group member, dial into the webinars, receive emails and participate in the Linked In NEC Contracts Community.
NEC Projects: Exmouth Flood Defence Scheme    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
c. £15m    
Nov 16-Est. Dec 19

Exeter Flood Defence Scheme    
ECC Option C    
Commercial Director    
c. £40m    
Mar 14-Est. May 19

Starcross & Kenton Tidal Defence Scheme    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
c. £3m    
Nov 17-Est. Oct 18

Co-located Cost Manager – EA programme delivery – various projects pre-construction    
PSC Option C & E, ECC Options A, C and E    
Commercial Lead    
£250k to £50m    
Apr 13-May 17

Princess Anne Square Public Realm Redevelopment    
ECC Option B    
ECC Project Manager    
c. £5m    
Dec 14-Oct 15

Weston Super Mare Sea Defences    
ECC Option C    
Commercial Lead    
c. £25m    
July 13-June 15

Magnox – New Car Park    
ECC Option C    
ECC Project Manager    
c. £2.5m    
Dec 12-Dec 13

Magnox – Site Security    
ECC Option A    
ECC Project Manager    
c. £750k    
Sept 13-Jan 14

Magnox – FED removal from Vaults    
ECC Option A/C    
Commercial Lead    
c. £25m    
Mar 12-Dec 12

Magnox – New Storage Buildings    
Commercial Lead
c. £15m    
Mar 12-Nov 12

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NEC3 ECC Project Manager

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