Brian Cottam, AMICE, MAPM     

Name: Brian Cottam, AMICE, MAPM
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Current Position: Project Commercial Director – J Sisk (Holdings) Ltd
NEC Experience: I have been involved I commercially managing numerous NEC 3 projects at Heathrow and Manchester Airports plus I spent some time setting up the commercial / reporting systems for Northern Line extension on the underground.

In addition, I have been commissioned to review NEC tender documentation for new Arrivals building at Stanstead Airport

I have listed below some of the works and values below where I was heavily involved throughout working closely with the PM to ensure the contract was followed, Risk reduction meetings held, compensation events administered in timeframes and that generally all communications were dealt with correctly in order to ensure the client was always performing in line with the contracted obligations.

At Heathrow I was also part of the team that introduced CEMAR which is a very effective tool for managing NEC contracts.

I have attended several courses with the main one being the 4-day course leading to accreditation.

My roles on NEC projects have had varied titles i.e. Project Manager, commercial manger and contracts manger. I have also lead teams delivering NEC projects where I have ensured across the team and projects the NEC was being administered correctly.

My experiences with the NEC are generally via NEC 3 Option C though I have also dealt with options A,B and E
NEC Projects: T2B North West stands    
NEC 3 Option C    
Contracts manager    
2009 - 2011

T4 Departure Lounge refurbishment
NEC 3 Option C    
Contracts manager    
2012 - 2014

T2 Underpass and access roads    
NEC 3 Option C    
Contracts Manager    
2011 - 2013

Man TP – Airfield Works    
NEC 3 Option C    
Lead Commercial    

Northern Line Extension    
NEC Option C    
Contract manager    

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Quantity Surveyor  |  Project Manager  |  Contracts Manager  |  Procurement Specialist  |  Consultant  |  Litigation Support  |  Cost Advisor

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Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Building  |  Highways and Transport  |  Civil Engineering  |  Asset Management