David Waddell     

Name: David Waddell
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: -
Current Position: Director, Cural Ltd
NEC Experience: I have work with NEC for the past 8 years both option A, B and C within the power and generation industry here in the UK. I have recently just completed the NEC3 accreditation certificate and completed the following online training.

•International use of NEC and comparison to FIDIC
•The Role of the ECC Supervisor
•Introduction to ECC
•Programme provisions under NEC3 Contracts
•ECC Project Manager Accreditation NEC3
NEC Projects: Erskine 132kv Transformer Replacement     
NEC 3 Option B     
Project Manager     
April 18-Ongoing

Spittal HVDC     
NEC 3 Option C    
Project Manager     
June 16-March 18

Ewehill Windfarm connection     
NEC 3 Option B    
Project Manager     
July 15-Dec 16

Braco 275/33kv Substation     
NEC 3 Option A    
Project Manager     
Jan 14-June 15

Windyhill & Elvanfoot MSCDN installation    
NEC 3 Option A    
Project Manager     
Jan 12-Dec 13

Gretna 400kv upgrade    
NEC 3 Option A    
Project Manager     
Jan 11-Dec 11

Easter House 275kv upgrade     
NEC 3 Option C    
Project Manager     
April 10-Dec 10

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Project Manager  |  Contracts Manager

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Public  |  Private  |  PPP  |  PFI

Industry Sectors:
Civil Engineering  |  Nuclear  |  Facilities Management  |  Low Carbon Energy  |  Mining, Oil & Gas