Alan Apps, MEng     

Name: Alan Apps, MEng
Affiliations: (NECReg)
Address: Mouchel, St John's House, Queen Street, Manchester, M2 5JB
Current Position: Mouchel Consulting
NEC Experience: M1 J32-35a Smart Motorway (£83m) – Assistant NEC Project Manager

M1 J28-31 Phase 2 Smart Motorway (£113m) – Assistant NEC Project Manager

A61 Westwood (£15m) – Employer and Project Manager

M18 J2-3 Widening (£10m) – Employer and Project Manager

Highways Agency - Area 12 2015/16 Programme (£90m) - Programme development and management
    Various small NEC Professional Services Contracts - Employer

Highways Agency - Area 12 – West Area Manager (circa £30m per annum)
    Including various improvement schemes design and construction - Employer

Highways Agency – Single Crewing organizational change research – Employer and Project Manager
NEC Projects: M1 Smart Motorways J32-35a Part B    
NEC 3 Option C    
Assistant NEC Project Manager     
Jul 2014-Dec 2016

M1 Smart Motorways J28-31 Phase 2    
NEC 3 Option C    
Assistant NEC Project Manager    
£113m    Apr 2014    
Dec 2015

A61 Westwood Roundabout Improvement
(Design Stage Only)    
NEC 3 Professional Services
Project Manager and Employer – Design    
Mar 2014-Apr 2015

M18 J2-3 Widening    
NEC 3 Option C    Project Manager and Employer    
Jun 2014-Mar 2015

M62 J24 CSB    
NEC 3 Option C    
Oct 2013-Dec 2013

M621 CSB    
NEC 3 Option B    
Project Manager and Employer    
Sep 2012-Dec 2012

Single Crewing the Traffic Officer Service
National organisation change research    
NEC 3 Professional Services    
Project Manager and Employer    
Oct 2008-Mar 2012

A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction    
Non NEC D&B    
Apr 2005-Oct 2006

A1 Stannington Grade Separated Junction    
Non NEC    Employer    
Jun 2003-Oct 2004

A650 Bingley Relief Road    
Non NEC D&B    
Jul 2001-Dec 2003

Member of the ICE Register of:
NEC3 ECC Project Manager

Civil Engineer  |  Project Manager  |  Contracts Manager  |  Consultant

Industry Type:
Public  |  Private

Industry Sectors:
Highways and Transport  |  Civil Engineering